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Saying hello!

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Hi, I'm Darcy. Have 6 birds- 2 Greys and 4 parakeets.:)
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Hello Darcy my friend. :D You finally made it here!! :giggle:
Hello Darcy and welcome. What kind of parakeets do you have? We'd love some pics. :)
Welcome to TalkParrots Darcy! I cant wait to see some pictures of your birds :D
hello..finally another grey owner!!
Welcome aboard Darcy! See you around the forums :)
Thank you for the warm welcome! I am slow on pictures, lol, but I will get them up when I can. My Greys are Congos and have no feet. :) My keets are beautiful- Lemon, Ocean, Lazzary, and Spiker.
Hi and welcome. I would love to see photos too. I have 3 budgies and a baby Sun Conure.
Aww, poor babies! Good for you for taking them in and providing them with a wonderful home!
Welcome to our flock Darcy!:mwelcometogrp:
welcome to the flock​
Hi Darcy, welcome! I would love to hear more about you flock!:)
Welcome to TP, Darcy! :biggrin5: I can't wait to see pictures of your fids! Poor Greys :( How do they get around??
Hello and welcome, Darcy :biggrin5:. Kudos to you for taking in the handicapped greys. :thumbsup:
I'm sorry Miss Apple! I am here and there. Busy. :(
Oh to answer the question about feetless birds, lol- their own mama attacked them in the nest when they were 2 weeks old and chewed off their feet. They get around pretty well, they just cannot "step up". I have to pick them up with 2 hands, like a football. lol
Hello Mrs Darcy. :) Glad you popped in.:hug:
Welcome to TP!

I look forward to meeting your parrots and seeing you around the forums!
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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