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A pineapple green cheek conure named Shira will be coming home to live with us in a couple of weeks or so. She is not taking hand-feeding formula now, but she is so young that she still should be, so the store will be keeping her until they are certain she isn't going to loose weight.

She doesn't have as much red as do the the other pineapple green cheeks other folks on this site have, but she is still beautiful. I haven't said anything about her because I was waiting until I had pictures, but I finally decided to make the announcement now. I have taken some pictures and should have some to post in a few days.

She is fearless. She loves people. She is going to be a handful when it comes to nippiness, but she is also learning. It is cute to watch her bounce and run, bounce and run across a counter. She LOVES to drop things off the side so I can retreive them for her.

I can already tell that I am going to have to watch her around Roni, because I doubt she will ever learn that other birds can be dangerous. A nanday at the store flew right toward her with beak open. I think it intended to bite her. I scooped her up out of its way, but she would not have moved. The first night she arrived in the store she got out of the baby bird room and they found her perched on a cockatoo's cage. She simply has no fear.

The store manager has been doing a lot of reserach on splendid parakeets and tourquoisines, and he thinks Rebeccah and her clutchmates are tourquoisine hens. She is doing very well in her new home.

I am content with my decision regarding Rebeccah, and now Shira. I think this was just meant to be.
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Oh congratulations! You'll LOVE being owned by a GC! I've had Libby, my Pineapple, since April. She's almost 6 months old now and is such a wonderful bird! She's active, playful, affectionate and is such a clown! Recently, she's started playing on her back with her foot toys -- so cute! She's just a joy! I can't imagine my life without her.

By the way, I was given a tip when I brought her home: Conures LOVE sleeping tents. I have one in her sleeping cage and one in her daytime cage (for naps). Both tents have an opening in the front and in the back, so she can just back up and poop! She's never made any mess inside her tents. She does take a foot toy or two in with her during naptime, but that's about it. She LOVES her tents! (My Parrotlet has one, a teeny weeny one, and won't go near it!)

Anyway, congrats -- bet you can hardly wait!
Thanks, Jo Anne.

We have a sleep tent for our linnie, and she behaves similarly to your Libby in hers.

Shira has one at the store. I've never seen her in it, but yesterday she was laying on her back on top of it, between the tent and the top of the cage, sleeping upside down plastered between the two. :eek:ut: It seems she already has her own style.

I'm having are hard time waiting for her to be ready to come home.
I know, the wait is torture! I visited Libby in the nursery at the bird shop every chance I got until she was ready to come home.

That's so cute, the way she's using her tent! They are such clowns! I've noticed Libby will do clowny goofy things and then look over at me to see if I was watching! Trying to impress me I guess! She's such a joy!

Keep us posted on how she's doing and when she comes home!
Yay for an adorable conure baby! Congrats!
If all goes as planned I can bring Shira home on Sunday! :woohoo:

Thanks, Shandi. What ever happened with the plum head? I know they didn't make much of a deal on the price, and figured you weren't going to bring her home, but I still wondered what happened to her.
Sunday? WOWIE! That's not very far off! How exciting! Please post pictures!

You're going to absolutely LOVE being owned by a Pineapple!
It is Sunday, but I wasn't able to bring Shira home.

Cannary showed the standard poodle at the state fair this weekend, and I misread the show bill earlier. I thought she was showing at 11:00 am and 3:45 pm on Saturday, but the shows were at 3:45 pm on Saturday and then 11:00 am on Sunday. I still thought we might get done in time to pick up Shira, but when we left the fair I had pulled a stupid stunt with my car and the battery was dead, so we didn't get out of there until after the store closed.

On a good note, Cannary and Jamal did well at the fair. He placed 4th out of a class of 100 in obedience, scoring 196 out of a possible 200. She made no handler errors, which I found impressive since this was only her third obedience show, and his only errors were a couple of very crooked sits.

Cannary also gave an action demonstration about putting on a slip collar, for which she got a little plaque. She showed in showmanship, but did not place there. She did well, demonstrating what she has learned this year, but she just is not knowledgeable enough in showmanship yet to place at a show of that size. (There were over a hundred in her division.)
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Hooray for you! They are so pretty. You do have a full house now. I know what you mean about no more pionus right now. They do take a lot of loving and attention. But a conure is another thing! I am waiting to hear the stories and see some pics!
Got stuck at work today. First day of a new school year, busses late and such. I have an appointment tomorrow, so now it looks like Wednesday. bummer
Oh well another day. I hate to wait! It will be heaven when you get her home though. And school started this week for you? We go back next Monday. School ends earlier for you guys then?
Congratulations, Nanay! I'll bet that Shira will be quite the welcome addition to your home :)

Looking forward to seeing photos and hearing more about her.

And congratulations to Cannary for doing so well showing the poodle!
If all goes as planned I can bring Shira home on Sunday! :woohoo:

Thanks, Shandi. What ever happened with the plum head? I know they didn't make much of a deal on the price, and figured you weren't going to bring her home, but I still wondered what happened to her.

My hubby said he was happy with 3 birds, and since they never contacted me again I chose to stop contacting them about her. But I have gone in a few times to visit her. She's still there...sweet as can be. Very timid but sweet. So she's still there, needing a home. :(
I understand your decision Shandi, but I wish she had a home, too. It is sad to watch them wait.

There is a Tucaman amazon at the bird store who hasn't found a home yet. Her cage was above Daisy's all those months we visited Daisy in the store, so she decided we are ok people. She doesn't like for people to force her out of her cage, but she is gentle. She growls like she is fierce, but she doesn't bite hard.

When it is just me, she will come out of her cage for me and step up for me, and she will also let me pet her and carry her around the store. She still growls often, but, as I said, she only likes to gripe. She is all bark and no bite.

As far as I am aware, she won't step up willingly for any of the folks who work at the store. People are put off by her because she growls so much at anyone who tries to pick her up.

I want someone to pick her and take her home. I keep telling her she has to sell herself, but she isn't one for taking advice. :rolleyes2:
I brought Shira home this evening. I can't post pictures tonight. She has no fear. She was climbing all around her new cage, inside and out, and also got out and ran all over the place. She tried many of her toys. She loves the tent, too.
Yay! Glad to hear she is home! :D
Yipee! You're in for some fun now!
Last night she slept on top of her tent plastered between the tent and the top of the cage. She had her head down the side of the tent. She was shaped like an "L" her head was down so far. Wouldn't you think the blood would rush to her head?

She and Roni must think their brains need extra blood. Roni often sleep with her head down inside her food dish and her bum up in the air. Now Shira is sleeping on her back with her head handing down.
Shira is still doing well. I think she is eating ok. Her pooh looks fine and I see her eating. As long as she is swallowing, she will be ok.

She is still fearless. She is much gentler at home than she was in the store. Also, she is more cuddly.

Roni and Daisy both needs lots of attention and reassurance with a new addition to the house. Roni always behaves thusly when someone new comes along. Daisy was our last addition, so this is new here for her. She seems jealous, which surprised me, but she has that right. Stanley is just interested in the new member of the flock. I can't actually tell how Elisa feels. She is acting perfectly normal.
Of all things Shira is trying to talk, and she is pretty darn clear. I thought she was trying to talk in the store, but then I decided it had to be my imagination, but even Cannary can understand her, so she is actually pretty clear. She likes to talk in the middle of the night. She is saying "Hello" and "Step up" and something else we can't understand. There was a grey in the store who constantly asked for water while she was there. Perhaps she is trying to say that, lol.

Roni, of course, is not talking at all now because she is learning conure.

Elisa started saying "Step up" really clearly last week, and that is a new one for her. Roni and Stanley both say that, well, Roni USED to say that, but Elisa had not.

Shira is a VERY light sleeper. It worries me because she is so young and I don't want her to become stressed. Is this common for green cheeks?
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