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Sierra & Reiko

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Found some more photos of em'.. :lovehearts:


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Too cute! The first one is darling, I love the baby face!
LOVE the blue coloring:lovehearts:thier so pretty.
:yesnod: Their coloring is my FAV thing about them, well one favorite thing. :lovehearts:

Thanks. :)
Beautiful :lovehearts:. I have a thing for the blue coloured budgies too :p
I like the second picture! Great preening shot! :D
Thanks you two. :) :hehe:
Sierra & Reiko have amazing colors!!!
Gorgous! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful birds!
Wow! They are stunning! :eek:
I love the baby bars!
Thanks for sharing :)
Thankies - the baby bars are going. :frown:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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