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Hii, Ive seen some ppl with really pretty sigs....if anyone here wants to make me one, i would love it!!! here are the pics + names XD

Jigsaw ~~

Lollipop ~~

Nimbus (RIP) ~~

Thank you!! XD
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Oh, btw, for text, just have their names and maybe like "Lola's Babies!!" or something. XD thanks! and for colours, I like pink, purple, and black!! XD thanks again! ^_^
I'll see what I can come up with for you. :p
Renae Does wonderfully Siggies. I myself am not so creative and have no programs. Currently worried my siggy is far to big but you try fitting 20 birds in a small space.
Your birds are cute, and you have a nice sig too. =)
Ahh I will do your siggy for you now, I'm so sorry - my internet got cut off yesterday and I only just got it back on today!

Enna your siggy looks awesome and fine! :biggrin5:
Solace, I love your signature! And congratulations on your new addition to come! I love those little green chickens!
Nice siggy :)

I would love to make some signatures for people here. I have a request thread on TB but I haven't had any time lately! Seems like there's a lot of good siggy makers here already though :p
Thanks!!! its great!!! I love it =) thanks again
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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