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Snowy and Dusty

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This is how these jack the lads used to live before Belle came along with responsibilities. They gave up street cleaning to be stay at home surrogate dads and they sold the car to the highest bidder...they needed the cash to look after Belle, she is ever so demanding!

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:rofl: Too cute, I reckon bin men get paid good money these days. :giggle:
That is sooooo cute, I love those sweet Budgies.
That is too funny, the two bachelors rolling across town..
That is so cute. I can't even get Millie to stand on the scale long enough to weigh her so standing on something else just won't happen *sigh.
Too cute! :rofl: Adorable shots! Such responsible surrogate daddies!
they are adorable
So cute! Did they pick up any chics? LMAO!!
Brandon is a very intelligent, caring boy who cares deeply for the enviroment.
oh my gawd i cant WAIT till this douche gets canned....
I will not be riled. I thought I must step in to defend someone from childish slurs. I think you should leave Brandon alone.
Brandon is helloy53. Someone who would never treat anyone the way you are doing now. Please, please leave this site alone.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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