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Sonny & Cielito - Breeding Journal

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Sonny & Cielito

Note: These photos were taken months ago

They are first time breeding budgies. They are both the right age and in breeding condition. I've bred before but they haven't. They are in a cage that is 24" long, 18" deep and 18" high with the nest box placed on the highest point connected from the outside. The cage is also placed on a high spot. They get sunlight and the flight with eight other budgies is right next to them.

Their diet consists of their regular seed mix, tonic seed, oat groats, millet, soft food(egg food), fruits and veggies. Mineral block, cuttlebone, crushed eggshells.

Wish us luck!


September 10th
Placed in breeding cage.

September 16th
Cielito checked the nest box for the first time and so did Sonny.

September 30th
By now they have "tried" to mate. I say tried because he falls everytime. They keep trying and seem to be getting better but they're not quite there yet. Unless they have and I didn't see them.
Sonny has checked the nest box quite alot and Cielito goes in right after. Sonny waits for her on the entrance perch while she is in there. She has been spending more time in it lately but I still see no signs of eggs coming.

October 2nd
I caught them successfully mating for the first time.

October 16th
Wow! they mated really good now.Practice makes perfect after all and they sure practiced. Cielito has been in and out of the nest box lately. Spending more and more time in it while Sonny waits on the entrance perch and feeds her regularly.

October 17th
They have been mating many times a day now that they know how to do it right. Cielito spent all day in the nest box the day before. Only came out twice to eat and sleep at night. Sonny likes to go in the nest box every now and then when Cielito is out.

October 24th
Egg #1 arrives. Just after I saw Cielito tail bobbing and found two huge poops on the bottom of the cage.

October 26th
Egg #2 arrives.

October 28th
Egg #3 arrives.
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wow :D what lovely pair! get a good outcome out of them.
can't wait for photos of the eggs, best of luck :)
Haha, I love the journal! Congrats on baby #1!
Here's egg #1

Fingers Crossed! :biggrin5:
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Great indepth journal.:biggrin5: :congrwed:eek:n egg # 1 :thumbsup:
How exciting :biggrin5: More birdie babies to love :biggrin5:
Thats great! Good luck!
Cielito is already sitting on it. She is going to be a great mom and Sonny a great dad, he keeps feeding her and going in the nest box from time to time and they only have 1 egg!
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Egg #2 is here!

It was laid around 8:00 tonight. I'm not sure why she lays at night rather than the morning.. oh well.

Sonny was inside with her when it happened. He is going to be a great daddy :)

Cielito was looking so tired! First thing Sonny did was to feed her and now she is back in the box.

Pictures tommorrow!
Yay i cant wait for pictures!
:woohoo: Another baby arrives. :biggrin5: Sonny is a good hubby too, feeding his tired wife. :thumbsup:
Here they are!

The second one is a little bloody..

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yay! finally EGGS! congrats on the two!
lets hope their fertile
Congratulations! Sending happy fertile thoughts your way!!
Egg #3 is here

This one is nice and clean. She laid it about an hour ago. She didn't seem tired at all this time, first thing she did was get out, preen herself, eat and get back in the box.

Pictures tommorrow :)
Here they are

I'm thinking the first one isn't fertile. I really hope some hatch!

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:woohooban: 3 eggs :yesnod:. Is it normal for the egg to have blood on it? I'm thinking it's maybe superficial bleeding from her straining to lay, or am I way off? :lol:
:woohooban: 3 eggs :yesnod:. Is it normal for the egg to have blood on it? I'm thinking it's maybe superficial bleeding from her straining to lay, or am I way off? :lol:
You're not off. It is normal for first timer's eggs. Number 3 is nice and clean so maybe it will be easier for her to lay from now on :)
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