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Species you likely won't have in your home?

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Are there are any species of parrots that you can't imagine sharing your home with? Any particular reason why?

For whatever reason, I don't feel drawn to Amazons. It's not that I don't like them -- I think that they are beautiful birds with interesting personalities. I just don't see myself as a 'zon person.

I can't imagine sharing my home with a cockatoo, a macaw or (most)conures... or at least anytime soon. I live in an apartment over a business so certain species probably wouldn't work out.
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Hmm... I would never own a Scarlet Macaw, specifically. I love macaws, but not scarlets. They're moody, nippy, hormonal nasty little one person birds :lol: At least, every single one I've worked with - and those have been babies I've raised and 10+ year old re-homes.

I'm iffy about female Eclectus for the same reasons - hormonal, moody, nippy, and one-person birds.

No love-birds either - they're beautiful birds, but too territorial and aggressive for me and my flock.

I can't really think of anything else... hmm... I'll have to put some thought into it, Ella! Great thread idea! :thumbsup: it'll be interesting to see what everyone has to say!
Nothing larger than a Pionus, no Sennies, no Cockatoos, no Lovebirds, no button quail!! Bless them all and the folks who do have them, no offense intended. I am limited in my tolerances.
I would never have a macaw too loud for my ears
no ringneck I'm not found of there sounds
no lorys don't like the way they look no offence to people who have them=)
no kakarikies I think how you spell it don't like the way they look eiher no offence to people who have them
no parrotlets just because =)
I think that's all =)
No cockatoos due to dust and crazy loud screams

No greys due to dust.... which is very sad as I do really like greys

No cockatiels due to dust

LOL! Can you tell I'm an allergy prone person?

No macaws due to noise and big birds are more expensive in terms of supplies and everything.... I like that I can spend lots on my little guys and get lots of stuff.... whereas with the big guys you spend the same amount and barely get anything for them lol!

Lories have nasty poo and i refuse to clean up after them.... and since i am the primary pet caregiver, nope no lories lol!

No java finches because I got bitten by a nasty bugger at work.... ya who know finch bites hurt? I've been prejudice against them ever since lol!

No suns, jendays or nandays due to loud screaming.... they sure are vocal!

Likely we won't have lovebirds either, as I dislike their aggressiveness and territorial behaviour. But, that said, parrotlets have the same bad rap and we will always have at least one parrotlet in our house..... we both LOVE them!

I'm definitely a greencheek conure, parrotlet and poi species kind of girl. I could see a caique once we had kids and felt we had the time for the crazy hyperness of one.....

I dream of an amazon, but their crazy hormonal streaks make me wary....
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Sun Conure.. I love them, but would never get one.
I have no desire for most large birds. There are many more birds I would not want than ones I would want. I don't believe I can handle the dusty birds. Also, no desire for love birds, parrotlets, finches, canaries, rosellas, lories.
No big birds for me

I love to look at the larger parrots - macaws, amazons, greys, cockatoos, etc but I can't see me getting one. I don't know if I could be home enough for one of them or provide enough stimulation / interaction to keep one happy. Also I am no keen on being bitten or dealing with an unhappy bird. Lastly, I like my birds to fly and the larger parrots would be challenging to keep fully flighted.

Right now, my only parrots are my Bourke and Scarlet-Chested Parakeets. Both are extremely gentle and have never bitten me. They have quiet personalities that you have to be patient for. And lastly, I like that they can fly around. My 18 X 20 foot sunroom is like a jungle to them. I also like my doves because they are also gentle, friendly, and can be left to fly around on their own in my sunroom. My doves and parakeets all know how to fly back to their own cages, which is nice. I do have finches too.

One medium-sized parrot I've always liked is the Hawk-Headed. I don't know if I'll ever get one but I interacted with one at a hotel in Hawaii. He loved to have his head scratched and was gentle. I also think about getting a Senegal or Grey some day... but I am hesitant because they can bite hard and I don't like having to wing-clip - and I'm not sure how easy it is to manage a Grey, Senegal, or Hawk-Headed that is fully flighted. I also love interacting with a friendly cockatoo - that likes to be scratched etc - but I don't know if I could provide enough attention for one. Maybe I should offer to babysit some larger birds sometimes? Then I could have a larger parrot for a week or something?
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No Macaw - as much as I LOVE them , too loud
I don't think I would ever intentionally, have a cockatoo, any of the large macaws (hans might be alright), quails, doves, toucans, anyone with a special diet (such as nectar), anyone with projectile poo (I'm looking at you lories) hawk-heads, patagonia's... there are probably many more that aren't coming to mind right now (in dire straights I would take any bird/s my friends have that were in need). I'm much more comfortable loving those birds from afar :biggrin5:
Oh, I do like those Hahn's macaws... and really, they aren't that much larger than your dusky-headed or sun conures. I know for me it's the noise factor that could be a concern.

I'm repeated recommended cockatiels and pionus parrots. And while I like both species (and have certainly given them both a lot of consideration) I just don't see myself as having one in my life.

Of course, this is all subject to change -- you never know what the future holds. And what you need isn't always what you want :)
yeah, i've always been a bit unsure about ekkies. i mean, they are very beautiful, but i haven't heard very good things about their temperment. as in, they can be very nippy and moody.
Good thread.

No Macaws but I'd have a Hahn's anyday! lol No Amazons! Hmm other then that, I'm open minded. ;)
No amazons, I just don't find them as a bird I'd ever want to own :eek:
No macaws - (except for mini's :lovehearts:) Too loud & maybe a little too big!
No Cockatoos, they are beautiful - but too loud, & dusty!
No Lovebirds.. just not that into them..

I really would like to own a hahns mini macaw, a caique, and a pionus :lovehearts: Plus continue to own more diamond doves & budgies.. conures, maybe when I have my own house & can deal with the sound :giggle:
:giggle: Am I the only one who wants a BIG Macaw? Either a Green Wing or, if I win the lottery, a Hyacinth? :lovehearts: They're just so BIG! Trust me, guys, snuggle up with a huge macaw and get some kisses from one, and you'll be sold! I just love how big they are, you can rough house with them, really give them a big hug! And kisses are kinda funny too, lol!
I'm just too intimidated by the beak. They can break bones, and I just don't think I could take that risk.

I played with an Illiger's the other day, because he has been in the store a long time and he is beautiful, and, well.... I still want one more bird for ME :whistle: (You know, I think I could probably convince myself I need a hole in the head, too.)

It just wasn't fun for me. He bites really hard. He didn't break the skin - didn't even leave a welt or mark of any kind - but it hurt! Don't get me wrong, Roni bites me on and off, too, but it doesn't hurt that badly. I love Roni, but I just don't think I could handle the bigger beak.

Maybe the big guys are gentler, but what if they even once decided not to be, or just got carried away?

I'd seriously consider an Illiger's if I thought I could handle it, but I'd certainly have to spend a lot of time making certain I could before I made that committment.
I too feel the big Macaws are too risky. Thank god I do, some people have no clue & get them & then can't handle them...I have a friend in rescue..and the Macaws come back at around 8 yrs old exactly bc they are no longer the cuddly & baby they thought they would stay for life...:)
Oh yeah, they can bite, and bite hard... I've been bitten multiple times, mostly by scarlets, and it does hurt. However, if you're responsible and know what you're doing, they are so rewarding, and the chances of getting a bite are very slim. Even when they do bite, even when they're angry or in fear of their lives (I used to groom... they always thought they were gonna die it was so horrible! :rolleyes: lol) it's very rarely a full bite.

They're not for everyone, by any stretch. Most people who buy big macaws can't handle them when they go through their teenage phase. And I can completely understand being afraid of the beak - it took me a year to be really comfortable working with them. Now, I'll pick up any macaw, and if I get bit then, eh... it happens lol. I've rehabilitated a few big macaws at the pet shops and won over their trust. In my experience, you just have to be 100% comfortable with them to avoid a bite, as ironic as it seems. If you're afraid and hesitate, they'll pick up on it instantly and bite to make you go away. If you're not afraid when they lunge at you, and still push to get them to step up, they're more likely to just try and get away than bite you. A bite only comes when you push them to their limit, and they have no means of escape
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Jenny - I like big macaws, they are stunning! :)
I'm not afraid of their big beaks, but I want to make sure I can handle a mini macaw before I think about bigger macaws :p
Good Grief! :lol: We have two large macaws, a Green wing and a Military. Neither of which is loud and neither of which bites. The military can be "nippy" once in a while when he is playing but a gentle "stop that" normally quells the impulse. The Greenwing does not scream at all. She is a wonderful talker and talks very clearly. She also rings her bell instead of screaming in the mornings. The Military does squawk when he is playing but again is not a screamer. We also have a Hahn's and he is not noisy either. And we have a large cockatoo. Now she does get wound up and can let loose with some loud piercing squawks but she also is a great talker and knows that she gets no attention with screaming, she only gets attention when she speaks. Our Amazon never has screamed. He is the best talker of the group and knows every birds name.

We live in a housing development and often times have board meetings at our home. We are both on the HOA. Our neighbors are shocked that we have birds let alone big birds, that is how quiet it is. It's all in the training. And, snuggling with a macaw that wraps it's wings around you while cooing softly to you makes my day for sure. :)
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