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STUPID Birb Questions ... please help!

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I will be asking some very important questions about birbs in this thread. I hope you will help by replying some interesting answers or facts to these important questions. There are many people who may not know what we know about birbs, so its time to help them learn all they need to know!

Do you follow? Yeah I don't get it either. So all I'm gonna do is ask some silly stuff and hope you reply with even more silly stuff ....

Oh yeah .... this is not all about facts and details about only ''Pet Domesticated Birbs'' these important facts and details and mostly fallacy's can be about wild birbs too!

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According to my good friend Shelly ... (she's a licensed professional ''Esthetician'') she said she has never plucked or waxed or trimmed any birbs eyebrows in the many years she's been doing this important job.

She thinks that the reason she hasn't been asked to trim any birb brows is because birbs don't have her phone number to call and book an appointment (because they can't read) and she said that birbs don't have any pockets to hold their money to pay her for such important services.

AND ...... she said their eyebrows are so overgrown that they have just brush them back and let the brows become part of their feathering on their noggins which become ''crests and frills and pompadours'' ... see Show Budgies below.

See that big beautiful Show Birb on the right?
He's got an impressive pompadour which is mostly overgrown bushy eyebrows!

And check out this fantastic EYEBROW thing happening here!

Big Bluey here on the left is sporting some awesome brow action!

That's all I got to say about that .... what's your take on this?

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