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Thank you

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Thank you for the invitation to join "TalkParrots". Looking forward to seeing already friends, and making new ones.

The LITTLE hookbills have grabbed my heart. My first birds were the beautiful Lady Gouldians...which I still have...Then, a friend of mine loaned me a pair of Lineolated Parakeets. My heart was hooked. Then I acquired two Cockatiels. These boys are never caged and are house pets....actually like puppies.

The little parrotlets are precious. I made the mistake of selling my one breeding pair. Of course I had to go out and purchase more. I was fortunate to find Kathy and Connie in Shreveport, La. I got four babies from them. What sweet babies they were and still are. They are out of their flight cage every morning while I clean cages and feed.

Then my dear friends of TNJ completed my parrotlet collection with two blues...The hen is cobalt, and the male is a pastel blue. Both GORGEOUS!

Next came my lovely Bourke's Parakeets. They are another eye candy bird. I dearly love their sweet dispositions and soft chirp. They are very responsive....Will have to, at some point, part with some of my babies. That will be a hard task....

Thank you for the welcome.
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Welcome, Tassie. Oh, I am so envious that you have Bourkes. You are so right about them candy for the eye. I can't wait to learn a ton about them from you.
HI Tassie, welcome to the community; glad you could make it!

You sound like an amazing parront, and I cannot wait to see pictures of your birdies. :)
Hi Tassie, nice to meet you :). I agree about the bourkes, they are so pretty to look at and so sweet/calm. Please share some pics of them all. ;)
Welcome to Talk Parrots! :) Can't wait to see some pictures of your fids!
Welcome to the forum! You have a wonderful flock! Can't wait to meet them!
My dad an step mom live in Shreveport! I love it there!
:mwelcometogrp: I can't wait to see pictures of your flock!
Welcome to an awesome forum! I am looking forward to pictures. We have one Bourke and she is sweet!
Welcome! Sounds like you have your hands full :D Can't wait to see pictures of your flock :)
welcome to the flock!
Hi and welcome.:hello2:

I have a passion for little hookbills as well. Parrolets and bourkes are two of my favorite birds.
welcome to the site!!
welcome! you sure have a lot of birds!!!
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