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Cheeky bird :lol:
Nice photos
Thank you! Dende definitely is a cheeky little fellow! :D

Hahaha this is a great pic.
So true, my nans birds do that.
:) Gorgeous bird you got there

Thank you! :D

Hey all Australians so far posted here :) woot woot
There are quite a few Australian members here! :p Then again, you'd think there would be more considering the amount of wild parrot species that call Australia home.

awww thats too funny :)
Thanks! Dende cracks me up sometimes!

What a cutie! :lol: Silly lorikeets!
Yes, always getting into all sorts of trouble! :rolleyes:

LOL, sneaky bird :p

:lol: Obviously he liked it :lol:
He LOVES it! It's his favourite thing to drink (apart from fresh nectar).

Yep, looks like my birds, except they want my coffee! Which of course they cannot have:p
Ha ha ha! I can't imagine how energetic Dende would be after tasting coffee! :eek: No wonder it is on the "Do Not Feed" list. :p

Can't resist a nice glass of juice, especially when it belongs to the human. :lol:
Yes, he just wants whatever I'm having! This is really bad when I'm trying to enjoy a choc chip muffin! :rolleyes:

LOL My GCC does that all the time.
Cute! We need to see photos! :D

i love lorries... i'd love to have an aviary with them!
I think that's the way to go. If you have a gorgeous planted aviary then you're set for life with them. They're not big chewers like other parrots are and a planted aviary will actually survive with some lorikeets in it. :)

They are so easy to tame as well. Even the "wild" aviary bred Rainbow Lorikeets at work come and land on your shoulder for a cuddle.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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