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The Budgies

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Here's my 4 Budgies..

Reiko and Sierra

Gabriel and Zaylie

(I'm aware of the scaley face on Gabriel :))
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I want Sierra. I waaaant Sierra. :D

Beautiful flock. I hope the Scaley Face on Gabriel clears up. :(
Gorgeous little bugs :lovehearts:. Go away scaley face :(
Lovely!!!! The colors in the first picture are stunning.
.... AWW
What cuties!, makes me want to get another!
I agree..does make me want more! I love the first pic, the way they both have the heads tilited. Beautiful!:lovehearts:
i just love your budgies :lovehearts:
such pretty colors.they are so swaet looking:hearts::love-smiley-011:
Sierra and Reiko were my first budgies, I got them both on the same day from the same store. They were TINY, they're still pretty small now, but they're growing.. slowly. :rofl:
You have a beautiful flock! I especially love the first pair- they're stunning! :lovehearts:
Amazing colours on the first pair, I love Sierra! Beautiful flock you have. :)
Thank you! :biggrin5:
Great pictures!!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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