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The Budgies

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This is my flock of budgies which currently sits at 12. I've had 15 at one point and 18 so far in my life including these guys. Been hard loosing these guys over the years which is why i am not getting anymore. I know i will loose Lilly soon aswell. She has a tumor on her rump which isn't effecting her as much as her age is. She is 6 and really slowing down now. Quite sad to see as she was my first budgie but its been a good 6 years.

Picture time!!!





Peek (pied) Cooper (greywing)







Yup thats everyone. Jello/aspen & Oscar/Daisy are all related. They are 1/2 siblings.
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12 budgies? Wow! Maybe that number seems so daunting because I've only had 2 at one time.

They're all beautiful! I love the names too, especially Jello and Aspen :D
They're all so pretty. I just love budgies. I wish they didn't have tumor issues. I'm so sorry about Lilly. :( I hope she'll beat the odds and have a lot more time with you. :hug:
That is some flock you have there. Very nice.
Beautiful flock! Thanks for sharing the pics!:photo:
They are beautiful. 15 budgies must make quite a racket!

I don't think I'd ever have more than four at once. You must truly love budgies!
Beautiful flock!:D I too wish Budgies weren't so prone to tumors and illness in general. I love them to pieces and they are so much fun, but it is devastating to lose them.
You have a beautiful flock :lovehearts:. I hope Lilly is with you for a long time to come. :hug:
What a gorgeous family you have there. :) I hope Lily has many good days!
well i don't find the noise level too bad. Guess i'm just use to it. Been on skype with a few friends and they can't stand it haha. Can't blame them i guess. Their own faults tho. Told them not to bother as i'm to shy to talk and its the middle of the day.

I think it reaches a point where it doesn't matter how many more i add it stays the same.
Yes a very nice flock you have there. We are in an apt. so there is a point in the budgie noise level. 7 is our budgie limit right now. I am sorry to hear about Lily. I hope she beats the tumor up and lives forever!
Beautiful budgies! All you budgie people are making me want to splurge on a flight cage and a bunch of budgies! :lol: 7 birds is enough, dangit! :lol:
Eclipes looks just like Stacey's Chibi Chibi! Its a ringer for Chibi! WOW!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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