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The Tiels

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These are my Cockatiels. Hugs and slush were hand raised babies that i got and finished hand raising them as they just didn't want to stop. Chester was my little adoptee, I found him on kijiji almost a year ago i think. I wasn't sure what i was getting into as it didn't say if the bird was tame or not. i was told he would come and go from his cage and liked to be whistled at but nothing about him liking people much. i was in for a surprise.

He is totally inlove with people and loves to sing to feet:lovehearts:. He will usually come down in the morning and sing to either my door knob or my toes and spends a lot of time on my laptop screen.


Hugs isn't doing so well right now. I found Him and Scooter really puffed up on sept and rushed them to the vets. Scooter was in worse shape and had to be put to sleep but hugs is coming around. Setting up a cage for him tomorrow rather then the brooder. He hatched on valentines day!!


Next up will be a photo shoot of all 12 or 13 budgies i have. Not quite sure how many i have. Hard to get a good head count when they are never in their cage and never stay still.
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Your birds are beautiful. I hope Hugs will be all better soon and I am so sorry about Scooter.
And I would love a bird that would sing to my toes because my foot hurts all the time and that might make it feel better. Maybe I could borrow Chester.
There so cute!! I'm sorry about Scooter! And I hope Hugs gets better soon! :D
I'm so sorry to hear about scooter :frown: But I'm glad you got to Hugs in time! My Moose is a rescue and 9 years old, spent 9 years on budgie seed and bird gravel... I'm waiting for the day I have to make the emergency visit.

Tiels are just so sweet, aren't they? They have the sweetest faces!
I'm sorry to read you've to go through such a hard time.. I'm very sorry of your loss.. Hopefully Hugs will be all right! I'll cross my fingers for you! :)
Your birds are gorgeous! :lovehearts:
So sorry to read about Scooter :( I hope Hugs contiunes to improve. All of your tiels are beautiful. :lovehearts:
maybe its a tiel thing, my old one loved feet and would chase your feet around and sing to them!
The chasing feet and loving them does seem like a tiel thing. The person i work with has a tiel that loves feet aswell.

Hugs is doing much better. Not singing yet but in time for sure. Hoping to get him into a cage soon.

These pictures are fairly old. My room is now green. i needs to get a photoshoot on the go. Just been kinda out of it since Scooters passing. Time to get back on track and get back to work with my crew.
He sings to feet? That's kind of odd. :p Maybe it is a Tiel thing.

I'm so sorry to hear about Scooter. :( I hope Hugs makes a quick and complete recovery.

Very beautiful Tiels you have, though. :p It makes me miss mine.
You have beautiful tiels! I'm sorry about your loss. :( I hope Hugs gets better soon!
I'm so sorry about Scooter. :( That is one of my biggest fears, something suddenly happening to one of them.

You have a beautiful flock. Just precious. :hug:
So sorry to hear about your Scooter. Sure hope Hugs gets all better soon. It is shocking when a loved bird dies. I had an 8 month budgie, lil' Timbit, die suddenly overnight last week and was I sad. Good luck to you and all your flock.
Your flock is lovely, Enna!:)
Sorry to hear about Scooter. We had a scare last week with Niblet when he fell and cut himself. He was rushed to the vet is recovering well. I would be devastated if I lost one my darlings :( Hugs to hugs (sorry couldn't resist that :yesnod:)
Enna , im a Chester fan i know it! :XD:!
Im sorry to hear about scooter :(
They are beautiful :)
I especially love Chester! He's stunning!
Sorry to hear about Scooter :( I hope Hugs gets better soon.
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