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Those with Conures

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Of I should say those with more then one Conure....How do they get a long? What types do you have? Anything you can share would be appreciated. :lovehearts:
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I have a GGC and a Halfmoon, for the most part they get along just fine. :) They "use" each other big time for preening purposes :lol:. I can leave them together without concern, but that's not to say they don't have their spat moments, they're more noise than anything though, and very short lived episodes. The GCC is the aggressor when it kicks off, but the Halfmoon gives as good as he gets and it's all over in seconds. :lol:
I have a male, GCC and a female Blue Crown. They get along for about 5-10 minutes, but then usually my GCC starts to pick on my blue crown and she fights back. It's probably more noise than anything else, but I don't want to risk it so I don't have them out together for very long. It is cute when they are getting along, they like to cuddle and the blue crown loves for my green cheek to preen her, but he won't let her preen him. He needs it bad right now too. He has so many pin feathers on his head. He won't let anyone touch his head and neck.
We have Ziggi an adopted black cap. Ziggi is a very aggressive bird. He was formerly hit by a previous owner and before that picked on by bigger birds. That being said... he is a doll to Leroy our baby Green Cheek. Leroy is the complete opposite of Ziggi, shy, sweet and quiet (he is the one in my signature), Ziggi is loud, aggressive and outgoing. They are the best of friends and pretty much inseperable. I frequently have to chase them out of each other's cages. They do not agree with my each to his own rule!

I think it really depends on the type of conure, green cheeks and black caps are pretty close in size, whereas (correct me if I'm wrong) a blue crowned is quite a bit larger?

All in all my two get along great, their personalities compliment each other and balance each other out alot.
Leroy also gets on well with Snowflake our lovie girl wheras Ziggi hates all other birds equally! He has even attacked our amazon who I swear just laughs at him!
I only have a male GCC but pick my cinnamon GCC up on Saturday......I let you know as time goes on. I am hoping the will be best friends
I had my female Sun for 3 years before I got a male for her. I hand raised her and he is aviary bred. After quarantine he was put near her so they could get used to each other and it was so funny when they went into the same cage together. It was a standoff. I had to have food and water on both sides of the cage as they would not come near each other for about 2 weeks. Then one night I heard a funny noise and looked up to find them making out. They have been inseparable ever since. You cannot get a hair between them. They are always kissing and cuddling. This is interspersed with the odd domestic, but within minutes they are cuddling again. She laid one egg a few years ago and it unfortunately got broken. I don't think she has laid since. I really wish they would breed as I would love to hand raise their babies.
Aww Kate, that's so sweet.

Yes, Blue Crowned Conures are bigger then GCC. :)

I've always love the Peach Front Conures & the Rose Crowned but Just wondering what others experiences are. :D
We have 3 green cheeks.
Remmy is 9 months and has cataracts, but I swear he sees very well. He is loving and loves taking naps with me either in my hand or when I actually lay down, he sleeps too. He is the most cuddly, probably because he isstill a baby.
Bella is 2 1/2 yrs old and we are her 2nd home. She is loving now but bit me several times when we got her. She is not as cuddly but loves getting scratches and sitting on our shoulders.
We just got Oggie, who is 10 yrs. old and we are his second home. He was a ttacked and bittien by a dog and has a crooked beak/cere and a dent in his head, but he made it. His brother didn't. So he is a bit nervous. He is willing to be cuddled and held and scratched, but would really like to sit on your shoulder or on a play stand perch. So we just got him a new cage with a play top perch and food dishes. They are fun, demanding , and can be loud if you forget their bath. They thrive on attention and more attention. Real lap birds!:p
Oh that poor Oggie. :(
we have 3 conures. 2 green cheeks (m/f) and 1 blue crowned. its took well over 6 months for the green cheeks to get along, and are now a bonded pair, they had 1 clutch of 5 eggs (if i remember right) but all were clear (he's too old) they do not get along with the blue crowned at all... and after the last fight that got ugly... he got moved to the other side of the room!
I'm gonna watch this thread. I'm getting another GCC very soon :)o) and I hope the new one will get along with my Cinnamon GCC, Leila!
I'm gonna watch this thread. I'm getting another GCC very soon :)o) and I hope the new one will get along with my Cinnamon GCC, Leila!

Oh yay how fun!! :thumbsup:
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