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three photos of mango

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Mango is a beauty. I love that you are teaching him computer skills.
Mango is stunning! Looks like someone else is a facebook addict
Aw Mango is on facebook :D even the birds aren't immune to its addicting qualities!

Cute pictures :D
Stunning bird with good taste on the computer too :biggrin5:
pretty pretty mango.:lovehearts:he is such a sweetheart.
Mango is gorgeous!! I love the last photo!
Lol, how many friends has he got on facebook?:biggrin5:
His such a pretty little bird I've never seen one like him!
:perfect10: Mango is stunning, are you gonna teach him how to post on the forum? :p
oh he is just stunning i,m thinking of getting olive a mate she is 6 months old
Always love to see Mango. Nice to be here on this forum and see familiar faces especialy bird faces. LOL
mango is sweet!!
He's absolutely stunning. I love his colors. :lovehearts:
I luffs him, such a pretty boy. :lovehearts::lovehearts:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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