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I went to the bird store a few days ago, and have some interesting stories to tell you all!

The store receives birds all the time. Most of them are from breeders, but they get re-homing cases as well. They got in a Quaker who has a past. The employee said someone brought him in, and had terrorized him with cuddles and kisses. She wanted a cuddly bird, and was determined to make him one. So, she grabbed him up all the time, smothered him with affection, and in the end the poor bird became terrified of hands. :( He was so desperate to make a feathered friend that he became attached to a Sun Conure. The two preen each other through the cage bars.

The Sun Conure is pretty friendly. Do you think the Quaker could be persuaded to step up on a hand if his friend was being held? Separate hands, of course.

Next came two beautiful ‘tiels!

One came to me easily, and I became attached :) He was curious about my glasses, and kept trying to eat them! He would scoot closer to my face whenever he was on my hand, or even when he was on the play gym! He never made a move to go on my shoulders though. He steps up on command, and doesn’t bite! If I put him on the counter, and then put my hand palm-up a few inches away, he would fly over to me! I took him around the store and he didn’t spook easily. When he did spook, it must have been at a ghost because I couldn’t see anything :XD: He never flew off my hand though. The cool thing was that he didn’t flip out when I brought out the camera! He was just calm and mellow the whole time!

The other wasn’t as friendly and bit me twice. He was obsessed with shoulders and wouldn’t come off. My dad was holding him for awhile, but he kept biting his neck so I had to put him back.

I’m still holding out for a male budgie, since I know I couldn’t keep Cutie and a ‘tiel in the same cage. They only had two males, and both were older. One didn’t have a tail, and the other seemed to be active, but skittish.

Here are pictures!!

The other 'tiel biting my dad's shirt

They also had two baby lovebirds! They were keeping them in a plastic container with lots of blankets to keep them warm until they were older. It was almost feeding time, and the bigger one was trying to come out!

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