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Moto's head has the same amount of little feathers that did grow in but he has some flights growing in. He will step up after hes out of the cage also if i take Freckles when he's out and walk away with her he will fly to follow her. So I guess where she goes he goes :) But there still in separate cages.
Heres some pics of him

Freckles steps up with out a problem she's also starting to get some new tail feathers in and flight feathers :) She's still on the bigger side so hopefully when her flights come in more she can burn some calories.
Some Pics of her

Cooper is handleable he likes to wolf whistle and seems he likes my Pearly :)
Pics of him

Emma Hisses a lil but she's not mean so thats good.
Pic of her

Tyson is handleable he like to sing the most out of all them.
Some pics of him

Echo went to live with his new owners so there no pics of him
Melman bit me the other day i had to split him and his dad from fighting so i moved him no pics because i couldn't get a good one of him without him moving :) though his head feathers aren't coming in :(
thats all of them =]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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