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Hey guys, I haven't made an update thread for a while.

Where do I start?

Chalkie - Chalkie is doing wonderful at the moment and has gone through a brilliant moult. I'm working with him tons in the aviary so I can get him already for flying him free again soon (every year he gets a few months off as a break for working so hard!). As soon as I walked in for the first time in ages (obviously not including cleaning... I meant as training) he jumped straight on me like we'd had no break from our routine. He's working super fast like a machine. [nomedia=""]YouTube - Super quick falconry practice[/nomedia] gives you an idea of what he is like at the moment! He's now back down to his feeding schedule of 2 chicks, 3 chicks, 2 chicks, 3 chicks, 2 chicks etc. And of course he gets quail and rat thrown in there too but only on days he isn't flying.

The kakarikis - Our breeding pair of Yoshi and Flash didn't seem to be going so well so we swapped Yoshi for Ralph and things seem to be getting a lot better, I suspect they have eggs (Flash wont let me see!) now, Ralph did have his wings clipped so we've had to make a modified branch that takes him right up to the nest box in his cage/aviary thing we made. But he is looking after Flash really well, he feeds her and makes sure she is okay. He often sits outside the nest box doing the ki-ki-ki noise they often make really loudly, I think he is pretty proud. Kakarikis are pretty hard to sex but we have come to the conclusion that Yoshi must actually be a female, hence why there are always so many eggs in the box with Flash and him/her. And the fact when we compared him he seemed a lot smaller than Ralph, so we guess Yoshi is actually a female who we have had for a year and a half haha :lol: Darn kaks are so hard to sex when you can't compare them. Yoshi is now in a cage with Chewee. At first they HATED each other, as Chewee seems to hate any other kak. But now they're super in love from the looks of things. Yosh begs Chewee to feed him/her all the time and Chewee is always tending to her every need :giggle:kaks do this really weird thing where they sprint really fast on the roof of the cage upside down and Chewee and Yoshi seem to be having races with each other, it's very cute. I don't want to use them for breeding though as Yoshi has always been what we believe to be infertile. Chewee is doing great too, he is very quiet but not so calm haha. He comes out for a cuddle and likes to sit on my shoulder for about 3 seconds, then he's on my head, then he's under the sofa, so I find him really hard to keep up with. He's great at crawling into my top though when I don't really want him too. He's taken a real shine to trying new foods recently, and has started eating tons more apple as seen in the vid [nomedia=""]YouTube - Kakariki[/nomedia] (you can also see why he is called Chewee haha!)

Quails - the two new quails I bought from that horrific place have settled in so well, they're really getting along with Bubba, the lonely male (who's mates died from egg binding), their feathers have grown back and they've grown tons already! All we need now to go with a lonely female (who Bubba did not take to at all) is a male and female which I am considering getting from the same place. I know he is an awful and disgusting breeder but I'd do anything to get a bird out of there! The two new birds are freckled brown and the other is white. I still need names for them so suggestions are very welcome!

Zebra finches - Soots and Sweeps are doing fine, Sweeps seems to be really friendly at the moment and whenever I'm cleaning the aviary out he loves to come and have a look at what I'm doing :rolleyes: they're currently building a new nest so I can't wait to see how that is going to turn out!

Budgies - Bruce (huge English budgie - green opaline - who is so big he can't fly) had to be removed from the aviary.. as he couldn't fly, so he was no use to Bubbles (yellow-faced blue who lost her mate through the secret hole in the aviary) as she kept trying to get him to go to the nest box but he just wasn't able to. So Cosmo (sky blue, yellowface (typeII), opaline, clearwing!) is now in with Bubbles. We recently found out that Billy had a pretty white/pale blue cere, meaning he is a she, which I though was a he! So BILLIE (haha!) is now paired up with Bruce as Billy is a Opaline spangle green so they will most likely have green babies! (You can tell I'm colour coordinating them haha!) They are now in a breeding cage because of Bruce's flight issues. Tom (opaline blue) and Alfie (wild green) have turned into totally wild birds since they went into the new HUGE cage. They seem to want nothing to do with me any more, and they seem to be getting more tetchy with each other, so tomorrow night at the bird auction I should be looking for two females, these guys will go into breeder box cages with the new lucky ladies. They seem to be pretty frustrated.

Diamond doves - Dmitri and Cher kept changing where they were going to build their nest so they have been pretty unsuccessful as of yet :( but good news! They now have 2 eggs! The last lot got cracked somehow, so they were pretty unhappy, but doves are really quick and easy breeders, so before I could do anything they laid two more and Dmitri is always putting in a few more sticks and bits of moss etc to make Cher happy, it's very cute! The eggs are due to hatch next week sometime.

Bengalese finches - Cookie and Corbit have been messing around with their nest for sometime. They did lay an egg, but my granddad accidentally scared them off the nest and they slipped and cracked it :)mad: at granddad!) but now they have started to build their new nest and they seem quite happy with it... they're in there a lot! They seem quite pleased with the new one, they have no eggs as of yet but I'm sure they will have some soon.

Joey (tiel) - Joey is still bald and his feathers have shown no signs of growing back... I personally think he's always going to be pretty bald. He's happy and healthy though. His poops are fine, there is no discharge anywhere and his eyes are nice and bright. His flight feathers are growing back (I've decided on no more clipping :thumbsup:) and he's learning to fly again. He's started to become a real attention seeker. He will sit there and scream over and over none stop until I have taken him out of the cage. During the day he is out of the cage regardless to whether or not I'm here. He is never any fuss, he wont come off the cage, he wont fly around and he wont get into bother, he just goes back in if he doesn't wanna be on top any more or he wants food/water. He's become even more of a snuggle bug and is constantly annoying me with his cuteness! He is adorable but he wont leave me alone haha :lol: he's always pushing at my fingers to get me to give him some scritches. He has started eating a more varied diet (woohoo finally!) and is trying out some veg and different kinds of fruit and stuff. Today he has eaten pasta, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and some hemp. He loved it all. Thank goodness! He totally rejected harness training so I'm not going to worry about that any more, it stresses him out too much and I don't want that. Other than that he's started to play with more toys in his cage :)yikes:) which he never ever even acknowledged before. I'm so happy for him!

Linnies - Cheech and Chong have been doing fine and have a new addiction to celery and carrots! They seem to really love them :giggle: it's very sweet to see them running (well.. that sweet little linnie stomp they do :lovehearts:) up to the mesh to come and grab some. They've started to get a little more interested in me. Whenever I talk to them they turn their heads on their sides and give the cutest little look! I love their big eyes :p!!! They are in the nest box every now and then, but so far it seems they're only interested in sleeping in it and cuddling up to each other! So goodness knows where that's going to end up going... I was really hoping to breed from them. However it did seem as though Chong was going to mate with Cheech the other day, but Cheech was just minding her own business and didn't seem to care at all :shrug:

Parrotlets - Clover and Shamrock are very very shy, like the linnies. Whenever I go into the bird room to see how they're doing they quickly dive into the nest box. I checked early and couldn't see any eggs but when I did look in their Clover got really angry and was doing the scariest little face at me! I backed off as I didn't want to upset them. But I think there may be an egg somewhere in there... I am unsure! Other than that they are doing very well in themselves, from the little bit of time I do see of them :lol: I'm still totally zoned out about the fact I own a breeding pair of them still :rofl:

sorry this is such a big thread!

I haven't included the birds I have at my uncles... I'd be here all day!
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