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Update with my birds

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sorry guys, lifes been a little busy lately! i've just got my new computer, and i'm hoping to be on more :)

i thought i might just share a few pics of my birds, just for any new members, and as an update :)

Bentley is doing very well, and is coping very well with his deformities. He isn't exactly 'tame', but he's tolerant of me, and still talks to me and trusts me.
I wasnt expecting big things with him, but he is still gorgeous and great company for ziggy.

Ziggy hasn't changed much :p still the same little clown! However, she has become a lot less tolerant of other people other than me :/
But she is a lovely bird, and i can't imagine life without her.

She also now speaks a fair bit- mostly "Ziggy" in her very deep, gravely voice, which she blurts out when no one is paying her attention :p
But she has also taken to copying doors and beeping, and the odd "hello"

and yes, they are still in love :lovehearts: but im not too worried, as the mating behaviour has stopped a little, just preening and cuddling.

Here is a pic, the only one it would let me upload :/ :

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How cute is that!!!:lovehearts:
Awwww, so cute! Glad to hear they've decided to be "just friends" :giggle:
that picture is soooo cute!
Great picture. Ziggy looks huge! Glad to hear she is talking. I think it is so cute when the little birds have the very deep voices. :giggle:
A very sweet ending! Keep us updated please?
thanks guys :)

I will keep you updated :thumbsup:

Has Ziggy learned any more tricks - or Bentley for that matter?
That is SUCH a cute photo! How that all is well, Ella :)
Maroon Bellied Conures are adorable!

Hi Ella, I'm new to this forum--I just joined today! Earlier I was Googling and browsing the results when it brought me to this website and specifically to a post you wrote that you were getting a Maroon Bellied Conure soon and you were really excited. (I don't know the date of that post.) That is so awesome! They are so cute and sweet and fun. Sadly, I lost my Maroon Bellied Conure in a tragic accident over Thanksgiving weekend and it's killing me. I had her for 14 years. But I was so excited when I saw your post, and I wanted to say you will love your MBC! From searching I realized you already have it now. I hope you're having lots of fun with him/her.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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