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very busy day tomorow

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ok i,m in the process of making 4 pumpkin pies and i have to get the stuffing ready for a 34 pound turkey plus i make fresh cranberry sauce sweet potatoes gravy and veggies

so what are the other canadians doing for thanksgiving
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NOTHING!! Sounds good doesn't it lol. No cooking what so ever. Actually thinking i might take apart all the birds cages and since out water bann is gone (no surprise there, like 2 weeks of nothing but rain) might aswell get it done before it gets too cold out.
mmmm sounds delicious
A 34 lb turkey?????? That is huge. I don't think that would even fit in my oven.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
I'm going for dinner :) But i will not be eating turkey... I really don't like turkey!
I'm cooking as well....My daughter is home for Thanksgiving, so I'm busy in the kitchen. I glazed a Ham on Friday, for her arrival, and the Turkey, with all the trimmings, is today....:)
Turkey here too, yams, salad, mashed potatoes (the boys need their starch :rolleyes:) veggies and I made the pumpkin pie yesterday. I also have two cornish hens in the freezer that I may cook.
Come to think of it, I'd better get off here and moving.:yikes:
We cheated and bought precooked pies, and all we have to do is put the turkey in. Not sure what else we are doing, we will need to cook veggies in there some how....we better have sweet potatoes :D
We're having our thanksgiving tomorrow. :) My Uncle is flying in from Hawaii to join us, should be fun.
I'm not sure yet, i know the whole family i getting together to eat turkey (i'm a vegetarian so i won't eat it :XD:). My mom's cooking the entire thing because if i try to cook anything, the house will be set on fire :D
I went to my brothers yesterday for thankgiving dinner, tommorrow I am going to the inlaws, so no cooking for me and I am not a good cook. Today we did chores and I cleaned the bird cages.
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