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Vomiting or Regurgitation? (Images)

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Hey y’all…

so, Kiwi my 2 months old Cockatiel did something today which has me hell worried.
In the morning I took him out of the cage and he is was his usual chirpy and naughty self. I fed him his food and upon eating the entire thing I gave him some millets as a reward like I always do. He ate it delightedly. After some time he was chilling on my shoulder while I was writing my assignments. All of the sudden I felt movements on my shoulder and then I turned to look, Kiwi was bobbing his neck. I instantly felt anxious and I put him down from my shoulder. I then checked and there was undigested sticky millets on my shoulder stuck altogether. Like they were altogether. I noticed Kiwi doing the same thing again but this time all the millets flew everywhere. (It didn’t fly everywhere while on my shoulder but when I kept him down and a little away from me that’s when it flew everywhere)
I am not sure what it is…
His poops are normal, he’s not fluffed up either and he’s also roaming around without being sleepy and I have to observe his behaviour. Currently he’s preening and eating some chopped cauliflower…
Any suggestions are highly appreciated. I plan to take him to a vet (the one who sees birds because we don’t have avian vets) but it’s Saturday and he is not available until Monday.
Please suggest…

attaching images of both the times he vomited/regurgitated.

Textile Sleeve Dress shirt Bird Grey

on my shoulder ^^^^

Road surface Asphalt Tar Tints and shades Pattern

when I put him down…
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When birds upchuck seeds and vomit in a small amount its often just an upset stomach. Once the vomit is expelled from the stomach and the bird usually acts well and is bright and happy again its GOOD! If he's eating cauliflower after he was vomiting then its even a better sign.

When your bird doesn't eat, is lethargic and has no energy, doesn't sing or play, or is puffed up and sleeping often, is when you have a problem.

Keep a watch on how much he eats this weekend, don't offer anything new food wise, limit the millet and keep his diet simple for the next few days before you can get him to see a vet.

I hope he will be fine.
Thanks a lot for your kind and prompt response!
little update on Kiwi: He’s very very fine. And yes, He was eating the cauliflower right after vomiting. He also ate some Mung beans later and played a lot (shredding paper, running around).
I’ll definitely do what you suggested! Thank you much
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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