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So as you may or may not know...we just got our cag about 3 weeks ago. We got her from a breeder with a very good reputation....and supposedly a great success rate with healthy, happy birds. Now my question is this...

Our grey will still try to ''feed'' off your finger tips....meaning the wing goes up and she starts bobbing like she's being hand fed from a from the syringe. (Know what I'm sayin?)

Is this right for an almost 6 month old grey?
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Lots of people are surprised to find out that parrots in the wild will often "comfort feed" their babies for up to 12 months!

The wild black cockatoos in Australia take absolutely ages to wean their babies completely. It's very funny to see these fully grown "babies" still begging for food from their parents. :D

I know lots of people share the opinion that companion parrots are weaned too early. It is simply not economical or desirable for the breeders (and customers) to take a year to wean their chicks. If this was the case then by the time a person go their parrot home they would be fully grown!

In other words; yes, it is perfectly normal for your Grey to still want some feedings. :) Although he is eating other foods and doesn't really need formula, he is still craving the comfort he got from being fed by his parents.

If you want you could give him a few comfort feedings and then wean him over a few months. You could give him one feeding a day, then taper it off to one feeding every second day, and so on.

Some people believe that handfeeding your own parrot is not a good idea. Parrots could associate you as their parent figure and then eventually reject you (because no-one wants to hang out with their parents for the rest of their life! ;)).

Others believe handfeeding your own parrot is the perfect way to build an even closer bond with them.

It is true that there are many, many parrot owners who have well-adjusted parrot companions that they handfed themselves. :)

I've never handfed my own birds (most of mine have been much older when I got them) but I thought I'd give you both views so that you can decide yourself. :)
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Goober still pumps on my fingers when he's especially relaxed and cuddly and he's 1 year. :lol:

I think it's normal. Like Kelsey said, babies will look for a feeding for comfort - they want to be treated like a baby! At our store, I give our weaned birds a little bit of formula on occasion because it keeps them super sweet and they just LOVE it :lol: I wouldn't worry as long as Marnie is still a good weight!
i was wondering why Mojito does i know, he thinks I'm his mommy! Awwe
Kelsey said it beautifully.:thumbsup:
Kelsey is quite right. When I am feeding babies even now my 6 year old Sun Conure female that I hand raised wants some formula. She has a small amount and then is happy. One of my cockatoos would also beg for food when he was over 12 months of age.
Cool. Thanks a lot guys...I was a little nervous that she wasn't weaned right. She eats very well..and has good weight..

I find with our hand fed babies that it helps to "comfort" them by feeding them from the hand be it pasta or rice or fruit. This helps to reassure them if you do not want to offer formula. It has also helped to strengthen the bond that I have with both Maggie our amazon and Ziggi our black cap. In the wild it is a social and bonding thing to feed each other.
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