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Websites that sell toys for cheap

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Anybody know of some websites that sell decent toys for a rather appealing price? I'd like to get all of my fids a slew of brand-new toys for Birdie-Christmas, but the budget is currently very tight... and I can never get some for one and not the others.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
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I'm in the same position Nick. I've just started working, and have student loans to pay off, and I'm looking at an additional bird :p Thank goodness I'm still living with Mom hehe. I would be interested in these websites as well, if someone could post a Canadian website or two :)

I get my stuff from here -

It's not really cheap, but cheap enough and they ship which is really cheap. I don't know any other cheap stores in Aus that sell toys cheaper. (you aren't in Aus but, just saying)
Here are a few websites in Canada (they have tons of stuff but seem to be a bit high priced) I want to get a Christmas toy from them to put in each birds cage. That way their cage can be decorated aswell :p (they seem to have good prices) (I think they have some nice toy parts. Email them and tell them you love the balsa wood toys but you want to buy spare balsa wood to make your own toys from ;) I have not found a website in Canada that sells balsa wood. They sell bird stuff and birdies :lovehearts: Just found this one, has anyone got anything from them before? This place has the best priced boings, ever :cool:

Hope this helps some people :)
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I buy pony beads and shreddy ribbon and yucca chews and make my own. I buy the cheapest plasticy ones for the keets, they seem to like those. I buy wood pieces in the plastic jars and drill the holes myself and string them up. Toys are so spendy and with 15 birds its tight moneywise. One thing I do is rotatee toys for the keet cages. I wash them good and move them to the next cage. They don't seem too picky about it! Swings move round too. Bright buttons strung up are another keet favorite. My granddaughter gets to do that and the keets go nuts for buttons.
You can buy toys and toy parts for quite reasonable prices on Ebay. I've bought many toys there, but I always make sure it's "bird" people who are selling them, to be sure they're aware of unsafe metals and such. :thumbsup: Here are 3 sellers I've bought from quite a bit:
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