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Wednesday and Zoot

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ARGH! I had just written a whole big blurb about my birds and was starting to put in the pics, and then i accidentally clicked away and lost it all!

OK, starting over:

I have only posted here a bit, but realized that I still haven't posted pics of my birds to this site.

I just moved, and I had been very worried about the move, the last time i moved (in mid august- I have had a bumpy year!) Wednesday had a really hard time with it, she lost a lot of weight, getting down to 71g at her lowest, it was very scary for both of us!

Wednesday and zoot are now getting settled in our new place (and I am too!) and they are both doing really well with it this time. Wednesday lost a few grams at first, but gained them back quickly, and is her normal self. This is the first time they have lived with mulitple human housemates, and they are enjoying the attention. I don't have any pics yet of them in my new apartment, but i will take some soon. Instead, here are some from right before the move!

I apologize to members of the Linnie forum to whom a few of these may be repeats. Also, I would like to warn you all in advance that i have some self control issues when it comes to pictures of my birds- yes, there are a lot of them!

Zoot being his beautiful self! he is about 7 months old now, and has completed his first big molt- look how grown up he looks!

Beauty shot of Wednesday. I really think she was trying to pose!

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Aww, so glad to hear from you again! I love your little ones, Zoot's obsession with Wednesday is too adorable! How are they getting along now - has Wednesday decided to tolerate Zoot yet? :giggle: I'm glad your move went so well, and can't wait to see more photos! :wink:
Actually they are getting along pretty well, and Wednesday seems to be a bit more interested in Zoot than before, though she still doesn't let him preen her like he constantly tries to. They actually share a cage now, and its going very well (they basically had been before anyway, as their cages were side by side and open much of the day- and whenever they were open, zoot would only want to be in whichever cage wednesday was in!)

I will definatly take some pics soon of them in the new apartment, just as soon as i dig up the cord to charge my camera- ugh, moving!
Aww they are to cute! I hope my to budgies do okay, we are moving in a couple weeks :p Anything special you did to adjust them to the move?
I let them practice going in the carriers i planned to bring them in, so that it wouldn't seem so scary, and a breeder i know suggested (weird as it sounds) refraining from cleaning off some of the poop on the perches for a couple days before the move, so that in their new location they will still feel like those things are "theirs" this sounded a little gross to me, but what do i know :shrug:

My main mission was the get Wednesday to put on a little weight before the move, so that if she did loose weight after it wouldn't be as dangerous (also, she still remains a little underweight since the last move, so this is somewhat of an ongoing mission). Man did i spoil her the month leading up!:rofl: but of course i only did that because i knew what had happened the last time.

I also kept their day as "routine" as possible- made sure i still fed them and covered the cage at the same time of day, and spent the same amount of time with them out of the cage vs. in that morning.- I even played the same radio station in the car that i usually play for them at home - I wonder if they noticed that it was "their" station :rolleyes:

Haha, i think i was maybe a little paranoid about the move, but at least it turned out well!
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Hmm some good ideas...not cleaning the poop off? okay I'll give it a go lol Although I'm sure my little guy will still clean it, if I let even a little poop dry on their perches, he is down there flinging it off (maybe he is part monkey? :rofl:)

And better to be paranoid and prepared than to not be worried at all and have it all go horribly wrong! And I think we are all a little bit paranoid when it comes to our fids :D
Haha, yeah, that advice was a little odd, but in the end i tried it (i didn't let it get too gross, though, only left poop in a few places) my birds are both completely indiferent to it in general- they don't throw poop ever. half the time Wednesday is walking around with poop stuck on her foot and she doesn't seem to care. that would drive me a little batty!

I def. agree that it is better to be over concerned and prepared than not worried at all, I tried very hard to do everything in the least stressful way durring my last move (the one in aug) but clearly it was still very stressful at least for Wednesday, so this time i tried pretty much everything i could think of/was suggested to me that seemed like it might help. I am sure it didn't hurt either that this time around they didn't have to sit in the car for 4 hours straight...
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I guess it makes a little sense to leave the poop, but I don't think mine care at all :lol: Better paranoid and safe than lax and sorry, in my book :thumbsup:
Aww, your birds are so cute.

I am especially in love with Zoot :lovehearts:
How horrifying.. taking them in a dirty cage. Note to self: who really cares about the cage being clean anyway :lol: Not them :lol:
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