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Wet Budgies/snack time :)

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Here are some pictures of my budgies after their bath, and having a snack :) Thought I would share :D

Hope you enjoyed:D We had fun, (well, at least I had fun) taking the pictures :phehe
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The second picture made me laugh out loud. Nothing better than a wet bird.
Aww, I love baby budgie faces, especially wet baby budgie faces! :lol:
Wet budgies: There just the cutest!
:hehe: I love wet birdies, your flock is beautiful :lovehearts:
Wet birdie pics are my weakness!!!!!:lovehearts:
:lovehearts::lovehearts::lovehearts: Your Moxie looks so much like the new baby I'm getting soon.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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