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What is your birds favorite treat?

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Hi everyone! I was just wondering what your birds favorite treat?!

Cupid loves Millet ( what bird doesn't?!) and Apple!! I was so happy when he had his first bit of apple, he hates anything thats good for him :p

Cant wait to hear about your birds favorite treats :)
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Tiko loves pumpkin seeds and pasta. Turbo loves peas. The rest of flock are real picky.
My Linnie Apple is a corn nut & millet. My GCC Melon is any food nut. lol And my Parrotlet Mango loves millet.
Millet - they don't get it often so when they do they make the most of it, lol. :p
Hmmm..... there's so many, let me think about the absolute favourites. :lol:
Ozzy - corn, carrot, millet, pear, cheerio's,
Cupid - millet, apple, mashed taters, pasta
Darwin - corn, apple, grapes, millet, cheerio's
They all LOVE cheerio's, they dive bomb me when I try to eat them around them. I have to be careful not to give them too much though. They go crazy for Special K too, :lol:
They all love millet..

Snowflake - carrots, corn, boiled eggs
Louie - corn, corn, corn!
Jasper - corn, spinach
ZuZu - peas, corn, carrots
Kenji - corn, carrots

the others are pretty neutral about what they like.. corn is a definite favorite though.
Millie and Niblet love millet too but also don't get it often so it's a treat. They get a salad/fruit plate every day and they think that it's a treat too. It can contain lettuce, escarole, peas, corn, rice, legumes, tomato, carrot, radish, cauliflower, pasta, red pepper, broccoli, apple, grapes, blueberries, blackberries.. you get the picture. I make sure it's different every day and they love it usually. Although sometimes they throw more than they eat :lol: They also really like their seed mix. They get one spoonful for an hour each morning although I don't watch the clock so it can be longer. They have pellets available at all times and eat them willingly.
Actually particularly Niblet is a good eater and Millie has lost most of her picky habits since he arrived. :yesnod:
My budgie loves apple and banana.

He also likes to try and pinch my food off me when I have a snack! :lol:

One day he even managed to land in my ice cream bowl when I wasn't looking!
Spike likes peas, broccoli, millet and this natural sprigs of flax seed treat
Storm likes corn, red pepper, millet and the flax seed treat
Icarus likes corn and millet. He is scared of the flax seed treat :rolleyes:
For my Budgie boys it's millet and couscous.:) For the Linnies..APPLES and red bell peppers!
A mix of ...

wet mashed up pellets ( like baby food0 , egg & carrots
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