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What time do your birds go to bed?

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Do you have a nightly routine with your birds? What time do they go to bed each night?
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I don't have a routine.. They all go to sleep when I go to sleep :) But they do go in to their cage before it's 9/10 PM to ensure they get enough time to rest :)
No specific bedtime, but like Marit they are in their cage between 9 and 10, usually 10 :p
When ever the want to sleep , but not a second more past 10:45
They wake up at around 7
I usually cover the cages between 8 and 9 every night. As I walk over with the cover the budgies jump to their sleeping spots(swings). I uncover around 8 in the morning and the linnie is always awake but the budgies are still sometimes sleeping.
They usually go in around 10pm, although they're not too happy about it, they start talking and fooling around just like kids trying to stall me :lol:.
My budgie usually goes to bed around 9:30
Mine rise and sleep with the sun. Right now it gets dark enough for them to start geting ready for at 7 - 7:30 ish and then they get up around 6 i think. I wouldn't know as i sleep right through all the noise. I did however get to enjoy watching them wake up once as i stay up all night long
My linnies and parrotlets go to bed around 8-9 when it gets dark and wake with the sun. My upstairs birds (goober and moose) are up with me until 11 at the latest and wake up with me around 8-9 am. They're upstairs and quiet to themselves during the day and nap a lot in the afternoon to make up a little extra sleep.
Mine go to bed around 8:30 but not always asleep. I cover them but if they here me moving around they start making noise. They are up with the sun, but not too noisy until I uncover them.
Mojito gets covered at 9, Asleep at 10. Awake at 6:30 with cute pretty boys that only wake me, and uncovered by 9 when my step dad gets up.
Mine go to sleep when I go to sleep which is about 10-11. I cover them at 10 and if I'm still awake they will make noises and play quietly until I turn off the lights. They wake up at about 7 and take a nap at 12-1pm
Mine sleep whenever I sleep (Or a little later, if my mom stays up,) and then wake up when I walk into the room from doing school. So they sleep around 12 AM - 2 AM, then wake up at 12 PM.
wow little night used to do that but when i had to start going to bed earlier he would keep me up by playing with his toys so i had to change his shed.
about 8 or 9 :) and wake up when he wants ( I don't cover him)
I put mine in their cages about 10 and they go to sleep about 11. I wake them around 11 am. They are night owls like I am. :p
My Linnies go to bed around 9 pm and my conures go to bed in their sleep cages at 7 pm. Everyone is up around 6:30-7 am The Linnies get to stay up later because they take naps throughout the day, my conures don't take naps.
Zoe is funny because if I try to sleep in a little later like 8 am, she starts calling out by saying peek-a-boo. She starts out softly as if to say, "Is anyone there?"and gets progressively louder as if to say"Hey it's time to get up, I'm hungry!!":lol:
Mine go to sleep before 10:30 ;D
They don't actually sleep, they stay up with the cloth on them.
And then a few more minutes later their dozing off!
The only fids of mine who have a bed time are the conures, cause they're cranky little so-and-so's when they don't get enough sleep. They're put in their sleep cage in a quiet/dark room at 8:30pm, and wake up around 7:30am most days. :) The others are in their cages by 10:30pm most nights.
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