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What's that?

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Zoe was a little unsure about the jack-o-lantern decoration on the table.


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LOL! How cute! She's def trying to figure it out!
What cute pictures. I love Zoe's coloring.
Haha thats so cute! :D
Lol! :lol: Did you ask her if it did look the same while watching it upside down? :giggle:
:rofl: I love the way they have to view something from all angles.
goodness , i almost died with the second photo!:rofl:he is adorable
I almost fell out of my chair laughing at the second photo. Zoe is just SO adorable! :lol2:
Oh my gosh, Zoe is so cute! i love the second picture of Zoe looking at it upside down. "Maybe if i stare at it like this it wont be so scary looking"
Hahaha! Oh that's just gold right there! Excellent sequence of photos. Zoe seems to be a very curious one, that's for sure. :D little Zoe is awwwsom.... great pics!
That is real cute! I love the way she's like whhaaaaaaaat!?
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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