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When did your bird last make you laugh?

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When was the last time your bird(s) made you laugh, and what did he/she/they do?

Last night is when Harpo made me laugh last, and it was because he gets so excited when he sees me that when I came home, I went up to his cage and greeted him in a very high, excited and happy tone, he tried to mimic me by making lots of high-pitched, loud, excited noises. He loves to talk and always tries to repeat anything you say. It's so cute!
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Lets see... Last I laughed is when Kai pulled a 'helicopter' :lol: She kind of hovers up 4-6 inches and zips around before landing and she landed on top of a magazine, slipped and slid around, hovered for a bit looking for somewhere to land then landed on my head! :rofl: She's still shy but is getting used to hanging about on my shoulder
Almost everyday. Midge likes to puff and look like she has a hunch back and scold Soleil. She looks so doffy, I just have to laugh.
My linnie just made me laugh. I was at the computer and read something that made me laugh out loud. Parsley was almost asleep on my shoulder and was projected off onto the floor. Her reaction of shock made me laugh.
I would say one or all of them make me laugh on a daily basis. They always seem to be doing something goofy thats laugh worthy. :p
Darwin made me laugh earlier when he was dancing in response to my daughter who was singing "Oops Upside Your Head". There's no accounting for musical taste I guess. :lol:
My blue crown, Zoe, makes me laugh everyday. She says peek-a-boo and has recently started saying "peeka, peeka, peeka,peeka, peeka, peeka, peeka,peeka,peeka boooo really fast it's so funny and if I try to scold her for something she did wrong, she tells me "good boy" like oh it wasn't me, I'm a good boy. She picked that one up from my green cheek. I keep trying to tell her she's a good GIRL, but she looks at me and says, "good boy!":lol:
Parsley,my linnie, made me laugh today. The clock was bonging 8 and she was trying to bong with the clock. It was really cute.
My birds make me laugh all the time, they are so funny. My little blue quaker (Boobo) sometimes referred to as the bag lady. She keeps her cage in such a mess and does NOY want you messing with it. She has a yogurt box on the botton and has a ton of foot toys in there. She has a wicker basket there to hold her toys. Last night she had managed to empty the basket and put it inside the yogurt box. I can change the paper in the tray but it's a major under taking to clean inside the cage, I have to get her out and put her in another cage to do it. All the time I'm doing this she is having a fit.
we get good laughs all the time too... but id say the hardest one was when the quaker helped us teach the grey to step comin down from that one!
Phoenix pooped on kestrels head the other day :lol:
was really funny
Last Saturday Koda made me laugh really hard! :p
She was jumping around on my bed, and she was making 'happy noises' :lol: And suddenly she slipped and fell forwards.. First I was scared something bad happened, cause I didn't hear her happy noises anymore. But then I saw her jump up again, and she started her happy noises again and started jumping around like nothing happened :lol: Yes, that made me laugh.. But it's not so funny now I write this, but it sure was when it happened :eek:
Mojito made me laugh yesterday! Haha he kept throwing his Goofy doll off the desk and made me pick it up then i handed it to him and pretended to rescue it and then threw it off again
My budgie Belle made me laugh today....she dropped the swing on Snowy's head. Poor Snowy's face...he was so shocked. :p
My birds make me laugh all the time. Today it was Snowflake's turn. She loves knocking things down like swings, toys and lately a seed dish.. She keeps trying to unhook it until it falls and when it does everyone gets startled by the noise and she looks around like nothing happened, then she goes away slowly.. as if she didn't do it :p
My Linnie Mr. Flibble had a particularly loud and angry confrontation with one of his toys.
Sounded like a little spider monkey.
Mochi made me laugh really hard. XD She's not allowed to fly into any other rooms without someone taking her, and she KNOWS it. But when there's two people out in the living room, she just can't resist. :p She flew all the way to the couch, and I rolled my eyes and ran out to get her and yelled "MOCHI! :mad:" She jumped at LEAST a foot in the air and ran and hid under a pillow that my dad was sitting on. It was like she was saying "Please don't see me, please don't see me" like a little kid! It was just too funny. How could I get mad at her when she does something like that? :p
Aw Masae that is to cute!

My baby Moxie made me laugh last night. We are working on getting him used to my hands, and stepping up and down and all that. Anyways, I was feeding him millet and trying to get him to step up but he was more interested in millet. However, when I moved my other hand behind him he jumped five feet in the air (probably not five feet, but whatever :p) and landed on the hand I was trying to get him to step up on. He sat there like "oh no what do I do now" and he just stayed perfectly still staring at me like I had just hurt his puppy or something :p

Its probably not as funny telling it, but if you could have seen his face it was priceless :p
Turbo makes me laugh everyday - I ask her what a chicken does, to which I hear Bok, Bok, Bok!!!
Cutie made me laugh yesterday. She has a treat dish in a small yellow cup hooked to the side of her cage, and she likes to grab the perch part and bring it towards herself. Then, she'll let it go and listen to it bang against the bars. She did it a few times in front of me, then realized I was there and ran away. :D
Kaiko made me nearly fall off the couch laughing! She's only 4 months old and has minimal tolerance for Loki's amorous... overtures :lol: He kept trying to mount her and she kept backing off and turned around.. then Loki tried to mount her facing the wrong way (her poor face!) so she grabbed his foot, nipped at him, then mounted him back! :ROFL: Loki screamed bloody murder, beaked her, then ran to the corner, pouting and crying "baaaaaaby! ohhh nooooo!" I almost died laughing, I was in tears!
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