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Where's the Last Place You'd Find a Parrot?

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Hanging from a fire alarm?

Nope, that's usually the first place I check when Aztec goes missing. :rolleyes:
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First off, let me say that this thread came at the perfect time. My linnie, Parsley, has NEVER hidden from me until this morning. I guess this is what I get for not making my bed. I heard little peeping noises first, then a little green spot appeared.

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:lol: Thats a cute pic. Does Aztec like the sound of the smoke alarm, or is he practicing to become a "fire bird"?
Parsley is just oozing cuteness in those pics. :lovehearts:
Such cute pictures! Your Aztec is like my Goober - monkey bird! :lol:
that is absolutly hilarious!!! (sp?)I love when our quaker hides between my neck and my shirt. we've even seen her hiding in a hood on our sweatshirts before!nice pics...both of you!
Cute Pictures!! My blue crown, Zoe likes to hang with one foot too. She also loves crawling around in my shirt and popping her head out to say "peek-a-boo"
Nice picture. Is that a plum head?If so how is he has a pet? I seen some at a pet store and I was interested in them.
Very cute pics. Niblet loves to crawl down behind the couch. Yesterday he went all the way down to the floor and I had to rescue him :lol:
Way too cute!
Haha that really made me laugh Kelsey XD
Gosh i have already seen this but aztec is so adorable!
So cute , but tell me what kind of bird is Aztec , im assuming a parakeet , and im betting that bird lover is right in guessing plum head.
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