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Which parrot would be right for me?

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I lost my budgie Mr Tinkles a while ago, and although I feel guilty about it, I think I need another parrot.:yesnod:
My house is so lonely and I can't imagine my life without parrots.

I am considering going a 'step-up' possibly (choosing another kind of parrot)

I was wondering if you guys could give me an idea of what parrot may suit me best.

Here are some facts that may help:

*I am not at home for about 6 hours a day, but the time I am home I will be willing to spend lots of time with my little bird.

*I do not mind to much noise but I wouldn't really like a parrot that screeches non stop.

*I own cats/dogs so I may have the parrots 'out-of-cage-time' in a restricted room.

*I live in quite a small house with neighbors that are about 15-20 metres either side.

*I don't really want a parrot thats much bigger than possibly a maroon bellied conure but I'm sure I could stretch if I found the perfect one.

*Price is one of the biggest issues, which I know is really going to limit me to a few species (but I know someone really well who breeds lots of parrot, so you know the story...($ discount maybe?) :giggle:)

*colour is really not important.

*I love to cuddle parrots.

*Something not too messy?

*Talking ability would be nice, but not essential. I'll love them either way.

Some parrots I've considered are:

Another budgie
Conures (maroon bellied conures to be precise)
(the conures are looking the best at the moment)
Parrotlets or Linnies (if i could track some handreared ones down)

The new parrot may not happen for a while.

Thank you so much! :lol:
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Gosh Ella it sounds like a linnie would be the perfect choice but then I'm a little, no allot biased. :biggrin5: They are smalll, often able to talk, don't demand allot of attention, loving and cuddly. And also make great companions. What more could you want :)
I vote for a linnie or a parrotlet :thumbsup:
But theres one problem:

I don't know if there's anywhere near where I live that sells linnies or parrotlets around here!

Theres someone near my home that has the largest collection of parrots in NZ and I don't know if even they sell them :(
I vote cockatiel. Fairly quiet, able to be alone for part of the day. Some are cuddly. They can talk, not all will. Loyal fellows too. Just make sure to provide a large cage. I really enjoy mine. He's still a baby and going through his first molt. Even after several days of no out time he still sits with me and is not unruly! I have a parrotlet and they are a great choice also. Too bad they aren't common in your area!
I can't wait to hear yor choice!
You will pay around $6000 for a Linnie here in Australia. :( Parrotlets haven't been imported at all. I would assume it is the same in NZ?

How much are you looking to spend? Here in Australia you will pay approximately $150-$400 for a hand reared Green Cheeked Conure. Much more for a Maroon-bellied. Sun Conures go for approximately $500 (hand reared).

Lovebirds can be fairly loud and are often a bit nippy. I know a few places and people that won't sell Lovebirds individually unless you can prove you have Lovebirds at home already. Lovebirds are called that for a reason. They can be very clingy. ;) I would think they would need a lot of one on one time if you own a single bird.

The bird I would choose from your selection would be a hand reared Cockatiel! They can be loud (males more so than females), but they do enjoy cuddles and scritches when hand reared. They also come in some beautiful mutations! :D

Oh, yes they can learn to mimic human speech as well (again, males more so than females). Their care is very similar to budgies and in general they aren't much more messier either. Unless you get one of those strange ones that like to kick their food everywhere! :rolleyes:

Good luck with your decision! It really is a tough one! :)
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You will pay around $6000 for a Linnie here in Australia. :( Parrotlets haven't been imported at all. I would assume it is the same in NZ?
Really :shrug: or did you mean $600? Even $600 seems outrageous. In Canada they run between $150 to $350 depending on their colour.
No, in Australia linnies are REALLY expensive! :eek: I didn't think about it in NZ... Hmm... I like tiels then! :lol:
Cockatiels you have to remember, are quite messy as well as loud. Even females can be loud when they want to be. Maybe you're best off going for another Budgie, that way you don't have to really worry about noise, plus (most) Budgies are always up for a cuddle!
Maroon bellied conures are looking the best at the moment.
They are much cheaper that GCC's for some reason.
They go for about $250-500 but I am inquiring about getting one almost out of the nest from my friend and I will do the handrearing which will save a lot of money.

I am also sort of attatched to budgies.
I love all parrots but I really like budgies too so they're my 2nd choice atm.
Maroon Bellied Conures are very pretty...:thumbsup: more demanding than Budgies, but still a really nice bird, as long as you know what's required.:)
I recently came across a website for English budgies who are very close to my location. The guy is breeding various blues and has some of the most beautiful budgies I've ever seen. I look at them and then slap myself and reluctantly click out. It's just too tempting :rofl::giggle:
Oooh, I love English Budgies! That might be a great way for you to get a bigger bird with a different personality but still sticking with the budgies you know and love, Ella! I didn't even think of that - good on you, Sue! :thumbsup:
i say what ever you end up with it, i'd get two
6 hours is a long time on your own!
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