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Words that (small) talking parrots learn best

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This is from the Cockatiels magazine.

Here are some words that small talking parrots can learn best:
- Their names
- Names and other pets and people in the household
- Pretty birdie
- Peek-a-boo
- Good birdie
- What 'cha doing
- Hi baby
- Bye-bye
- Night-Night
- Hey birdie
- Any word with "itty": Pretty, Bitty, Kitty kitty.

- "The Andy Griddith Show" theme song
- Pop Goes the Weasel
- Charge Song
- Camptown Races
- La Curaracha
- Catchy TV commercials
- "Bridge Over the River Kwai" theme
- Whistle a Happy Tune
- Colonel Boogie March
- Wolf whistle
- Cab hailing whistel
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This is very helpful, I fully agree with the words ending in 'itty'

My budgie was obsessed with pretty and kitty!
Great post! My tiels that talked always learned simple names with hard sounds - Coco, Chico, etc. Chico woke me up every morning to "pretty pretty Chico! Good Moooorning, Chico!" :lol:
We are teaching our senegal the John Cena intro tune,wrestling fans here! He almost has down!
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