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Would this cage be big enough for a conure?

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I found this really nice cage and since I'm getting my Maroon Bellied conure (they're about 30 cm long) soon I wondered if it would be big enough.

It is 860mm by 560mm with a height of 1450. The bird would be out of the cage for about 4 hours every day and in it for 6 hours 5 days a week except for the holidays.



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It works out to be about
34" X 22" X 57"

The best cage would be the biggest cage you can afford. The bar spacing should be one half and inch to five eighth of an inch! I would say the minimum sized cage for a single conure would be about 28" X 22" X 30". The cage you have is a wonderful size for the conure. I am sure he will be very happy in it! So did you decide on a name yet? You got some great ideas in the other thread!
Nope, no name yet, still working on it!
I may have to wait until I get the bird to see its personality!
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