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You have to watch this!

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Watch this till the end!
your head will fall off!

[ame=""]YouTube - Funny Bird loves Egyptian music[/ame]

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P.S.If this bird has been given alchol I am totally against it
Is it normal?
What kind of bird is it?
It is a Bare-Eyed Cockatoo. (Frostie is his name)

I doubt he was given alcohol, a lot of birds like music. But that's very cute!
how did you know his name is frostie?
Because I was looking at other videos of him and his owner mentioned his age and name.

One of them says he's 20 years old, but I can't remember when the video was made so he could be older then that now. Go through the other videos of him and you'll see he is just a Cockatoo that loves music and dancing. :lovehearts:
Awww, he's so cute. No, no alcohol, he's just a character. :p
Snowball is famous. There have been quite a few videos of him.:D
Very cute. I've seen videos of other parrots dancing and they are all so good. :)
I have seen many videos where birds respond to music like this.
:rofl: Bless him, he's really getting into it :p
Haha, that's so cute! I LOVE bare-eyed cockatoos! :lovehearts: My umbrella we had as a kid would dance like that, but to Michael Jackson! She'd bob to the beat and everything.

Snowball is the most famous of the dancing cockatoos - they're actually doing studies with him to prove that parrots are dancing to the beat of the music because they enjoy it and appreciate it! It's really fascinating!
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