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Your dream parrot...

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If money were no object, what would your dream parrot be? What parrot have you always admired (for whatever reason you have) but never had the opportunity to adopt?

For me, I think I have my dream parrot: a quaker. They're cute, smart, quirky, and fun. I used to always want an African grey, or a senegal, or maybe even a macaw for myself - but Harpo (my quaker) is so fulfilling, and has brought so much joy to my life, that I don't think I could be any more satisfied, nor could he ever be replaced. :lovehearts:
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Hmm... I think it would be either a Hawk-headed Parrot or a Hyacinth Macaw :thumbsup: or a Queen of Bavaria Conure... :lol: I change my mind, I want one of everything! :rofl:
I would love to own a Black Lory. Otherwise a Meyer's Parrot would be pretty awesome too! :D
If money were no object I would love to have a real bird room with at least a Palm Cockatoo and a Hyancinth. The more the merrier!
If money were no object. I would love to have a bird room with a Palm cockatoo and a Hyacinth. The more the merier!
If I were younger I would have a TAG. But I would also love some Rosy Bourkes.
Oooo, I dream of raising a Pineapple or Cinnamon Green Cheek from a baby! I just love em!
i just got our dream parrot... a CAG.

of course i'd love to get (if/when we have the room, money, and time) a Too, a blue and gold, and an amazon...

big dreamer eh!? ;-)
A female Eclectus.

They're just so pretty! I've always admired those parrots, and their temperment sounds just right for me, too. :) I don't think I'll be getting one of those anytime soon, but I can dream. :p
A Meyers Parrot.. I love them.. But I also want a Cockatoo. Too bad they are sooo expensive and hard to train (they misbehave a lot, don't they?).
Toos don't misbehave much as long as you're fairly strict with them and maintain a constant routine. It's when things are inconsistent that they start to have problems. And you have to be tolerant of screaming! :lol:
I can handle noise pretty well, but I think my roommates will kick me out of the house! :rofl:
Oooooh I would love a conure :) I love the sun and green cheeks :)
A conure, any type but I like green cheeked, sun, and jenday conures best. I'd love to have one like Marit's Koda too :)
I very much live the scarlet macaws, very stunning birds.
The cockatoos are preety cool too.
Parrotlets! But my dream might be a reality very soon!
Quaker I think.
Though most are my dream parrots, I guess.
I love mine, but Quaker's my 'dream' bird because I'm not currently in a situation where I could keep a loud parrot in the same room I work from.
Honestly, i can't say i ever want anymore birds then what i have now. I recently Loss Scooter a female budgie in my spangle genes (was going to be a future breeder for a DFS) and nearly loss hugs a male cockatiel. I've spent near $500 in tests and things to yet have a result as to why they got sick and its hard. I really don't Think i will get anymore birds now.

I did at one point really want a Slate linnie. Gosh i'm just inlove with them.
I think I'd like a conure of some sort or a lorrikeet, It's a shame I came so close to getting a green cheecked conure too.:(
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