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Your favorite small parrot

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Many of us have had several varieties of small parrots - cockatiels, parrotlets, linnies, budgies, lovebirds, etc. But which is your favorite?

I've had cockatiels in the past, and currently have two parrotlets and two linnies. I must say that in general, my favorite species is the Lineolated Parakeet. They are so sweet, unique and special, and very much unlike any other species I know of.
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Hmm.. it's a toss up on the linnies and parrotlets for me. I love how sweet the linnies are but I also love a bird with attitude so the parrotlets are great for that! I love how bossy and sassy they are :D
budgies for me :D had a cockatiel but the noise was to much in the house for everyone else
never even seen a linnie or parrotlet before :( would love to meet one!
I've had a parrotlet and budgies. Even though I had many more budgies than parrotlets, I'd have to say the parrotlet was my favorite. (Sorry TB! :p) Sam had such a personality. I loved how moody he was. He thought he was as big as a macaw. He was just a little pipsqueak though.
Parrotlets! They think they are the pit bull of the bird world. Midge gets soooooo cranky some times. Poor Soleil just sits there. I would love to know what he is thinking when she pitches a fit. Thought he holds his own with her really well.
I have only had budgies and a linnie. And I have to say it is a tie. I love the cuddliness (is that a word?) of the linnie but the chatter of the budgies makes me smile all day long. I hope that my world will always have these two types of birds in it.
I can't decide :lol:. I love all my guys cause each one of them has something unique and special about them, so I'm just gonna take the easy way out and say.......ALL OF THEM :giggle:
Spicky, I can't believe your cockatiel was louder than your budgie. :lol:
I like them all, but if I was only aloud to have one bird it would be a bourke. They are so quiet and clean and gentle. Don't tell my other birds. lol
For small parrots, I love Linnies. I wish I could have at least one in every color. :lovehearts:
I love parrotlets. They have such spunk and personality. I love it!
One of my favorite is a Lovebird. I had Doodle's for fifteen years and what a little character he was. I still miss the boy. I put him to bed every night and as he got older he would bite me through my shirt and then look up waiting for me to say something. He was one of my first birds. Now I have so many I could not choose one as a favorite. (Maybe my little handicapped cockatiel Littlefoot) she had a stroke a year ago but she's still hanging in there. Bless her little heart.
Oh its gotta be budgies.

Love those little guys! :)
I think I'd have to say Parrotlets. (Sorry Mochi! :eek:)

My parrotlet was so sweet and loving, and at the same time, calm. He wasn't bouncing around EVERYWHERE and not wanting to get into everything I'm doing or begging for anything I'm eating. :rolleyes: He gave me my space, but was more than willing to give cuddles when I asked for it :D

Mochi, on the other hand.... :rolleyes:

Don't get me started. :p
Well all I've ever had is budgies So I wouldn't really know..
Budgies, yes I may have only owned budgies, but Id still pick budgies!
I have to say budgies.
I mean, all other parrots are lovely, but budgies are such a small package bursting with personality!
I think that will be my lovebird Koda :lovehearts:
But I do love my budgies and tiels very, very much, but I just have a special 'something' with Koda.. I don't know what it is :rolleyes:
I love my budgie Mojito, and i am hoping to get a parrotlet for christmas named Mimosa!
It's hard to pick one, but I definitely like my budgies a lot. Not as cuddly as some birds, but friendly enough to hands and really fun to watch. They're so hyper and playful.
Hmm.. it's a toss up on the linnies and parrotlets for me. I love how sweet the linnies are but I also love a bird with attitude so the parrotlets are great for that! I love how bossy and sassy they are :D
I have a bossy and sassy linnie, Millie :lol: Guess I don't need a parrotlet.
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