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Ziggy's wierd habit (video)

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Here is my most recent video of my birdies.

But I have a question too.

When Ziggy and Bentley get let out together, Ziggy always seems to try and regurgitate food for him. She never manages to get any food up though, because she's too young. Is it normal for her to do this?

She starts to regurgitate and Bentley makes a noise like he's saying 'stop it!' and she stops. Then she gets annoyed and pushes her foot in his face! :giggle:

Also, look at what she does with her foot. She puts it in his face! I think she might be imitating the way I stroke her with my hand, and she's trying to do that to Bentley.

She does that all the time, whether she's putting the foot on his back, neck or round his face. She's very gentle, but it's quite funny watching her waving it around like she's saying 'talk to the hand' !! :rofl:

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lol she's so cute!
it definitely looks like she's liking her new friend a bit too much :p that foot thing is her trying to mate with Bentley. I agree with Jenny, maybe a bit less time spent together would help her out when she reaches sexual maturity :)
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